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our relationship is near perfect, we almost never fight and we can lean on each other in good and bad times. the thing is i hate growing old consciously everyday. he always makes me feel it is not important and that he loves me but i cannot help myself when i look in the mirror.

If ya really wanna feel younger just put 25 candles on your cake instead of 50. Look at Madonna, Jennifer Lopez or Mariah Carey for example. ITS MIND OVER THE MATTER..i cant survive with a man who is not ATLEAST A DECADE OLDER TO ME 😄 REASON : because its perfect.. We've only been dating abut 6 mos.; but obviously I have fears that as I age...could not possibly understand what is inevitable. Although his divorce is not finalized;he has filed.

I dont want to end it because its magical and she is the most important part in my life.

I can see my-self with her into the future but Im also scared of it not working because the challenges are just too big.

Ive no doubts that his marriage was / is over regardless of our relationship.

I have doubts that if we hadn't met he might have tried to reconcile with his wife for his children.

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