Adhd and dating

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You like quick conversations and jumping from topic to topic or task to task.

But when it comes to dating, you would like to find someone with whom you have a little staying power. D singles who are looking for someone just like you.

After all, you are not the only one and some people actually find it attractive.

Make a smooth transition from online to face-to-face dating – If your online date wants to meet you in the flesh, suggest it would be better if you meet through a webcam first.

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For ADHD adults, dating is an opportunity to improve one’s communication, social, and relationship skills.

If you want to know more about your date, ask about it.

Prepare a list of questions – Dating conversations can get awkward at first, so you have to make a list of questions you want to ask.

It just takes patience, self-awareness, and practical strategies. ADHD can make you misunderstand other people’s comments or not notice how they react to your behavior. You might not catch the emotional meaning behind words.

The most common ADHD symptoms can complicate your social life. You might easily overlook the sarcasm, fear, or other unspoken messages. But the tension can go higher if your ADHD leaves you overwhelmed or anxious at the thought of tackling the mess. Your ADHD can get in the way of intimacy -- the emotional bond with your partner.

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