Christian dating marriage

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Women Allow your man to lead and don’t be afraid to let him know (in a kind way) when he may be going off the track.

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It discuses the basic things people do wrong, not being patient, not rewarding someone when they do something right (not in a mercenary kind of way), being too critical at the wrong times and essentially getting all the wrong responses because you are using all the wrong methods and means and have all the wrong expectations etc etc! ” but actually as usual with The Bible it’s meaning is a little deeper and very useful.

We have hundreds of examples; one might be that the rainbow used to be a symbol of God’s wrath on a decadent society, and another of course would be The Devil himself – once feared by believers and even non-believers alike – but nowdays is consigned along with the Bible and Jesus resurrection to ‘myth’ status and cartoonised as a little man in red pants and a pitch fork.

So wherever possible we need to keep hold of our words and treasure their original meanings.

Women – choose this day what you want to be; a Primark or Cartier woman. No I’m not talking about some dreadful date you went on, I’m talking about the marriage where there are two people in charge – it will fail.

Don’t expect perfection but you are quite at liberty to wait till the men step up the their responsibilities and do what is necessary to become a great husband. It’s the same with a business, a school, or any team and a marriage is a team where the ‘two become ONE flesh’.

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