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The most important value is the value that we add for the field Func. Take note that a block function is identified in the database by what it appended.For example, the name of the function we are working with is "get Block Code_PHP". That tells Dolphin to look for the record in the Page Compose table that has "PHP" as the value in the Func field.En este sentido, una posible solución es hacer un base64_encode al array serializado, y luego un decode al querer levantarlo.

STEP 3 : ADD THE PHP BLOCK VIA THE ADMIN-----------------------------------------------------------------------The SQL INSERT statement provided will automatically add the PHP Block in your admin under Builders so the only thing you would need to do is move the block to where you want it to be.****One of the quirky things about the Dolphin is how it keeps and show information.

HOW TO ADD A PHP BLOCK-----------------------------------------------------------------------To add a PHP block, you have to do the following:1. Add your PHP Code in the "Content" field of your new block entry.3.

In the Admin, you have to make sure it's active in the page.

In our example, it will spit out the value found in the Content field. STEP 2 : ADD YOUR PHP CODE-----------------------------------------------------------------------Once you've made the record entry in the Page Compose table, the rest is pretty easy.

Just add you PHP code in the Content field and save.

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