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Wealth X estimates that he's worth at least 0 million.Robbins owns a resort in Fiji, travels by private jet, and is an owner of Los Angeles' Major League Soccer team.

It's probably on my person which is not on my person, which is correct." She was eventually given a ticket for not carrying a driver's licence.She was dressed in a long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and fuzzy pink house slippers.According to Ingram, "It appeared Staples had urinated in her pants as the crotch of her jeans was soaking wet." When Ingram said that it looked like she had wet her pants, Staples replied, "I probably did.But the public was kept from knowing the extent of her intoxication or the embarrassing details of her arrest.This case and others have led to a campaign for more harsh drug and alcohol testing for Champaign police officers.

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