Difference between relative dating and radiometric dating

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To obtain further practice with the concepts of Steno's laws and geologic dating, work through the Understanding Geological Time section of this assignment.

This portion of the assignment is an interactive web site that allows you to apply what you have learned and to learn more about how scientists tell time with geology.

From this information, scientists can accurately infer the age of the test material.

Continue to the Radiometric Dating portion of this assignment through use of a virtual web site.

The site ends with a short quiz - you should get a perfect score if you understand Web Assisgnment 4.Now that you have discovered the method that scientists originally used to date geological features, you may be questioning the accuracy of this dating method.After all, it is possible that rock layers can be disturbed, overturned, and altered in both natural and unnatural ways.Answer the questions about each aspect of radiometric dating as you move through the various exercises of the Radiometric Dating Lab.If you have an incorrect answer be sure to figure out why that answer was wrong and what is the correct answer.

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