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As an online dating expert and coach, I can tell you this can enhance a relationship, but it could also backfire if you build up a fantasy life with your online date.

The best solution is of course to meet in person and have a real-life date with someone you’ve met online.

When I start to exchange emails with someone, I like to pretty quickly take it to the phone and text.

That way you’re starting to get more personal information. You become addicted to it for a month, incessantly check your phone, stalk profiles, and fantasize about these people you will never meet.

Tease him or her via text or Facebook chat with questions about your video date.

Are you using video dating as part of your online dating regime?

The world is divided into two categories: those who do online dating and those who don’t.

It is the ultimate crap shoot, but who knows, love may be lurking beyond the next click. (Just how do you approach someone at the grocery store–where everyone keeps telling me to meet a guy?

) Obviously there are pros and cons to this mentality.

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