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As a fat women - I am personally very comfortable with the word fat. Best, Pamela I'm fat, and of the other fat people I know most really prefer the word fat to it's many euphemisms. I so agree with your comments about loosing weight and still being unhappy.

They're either ridiculously vague (over /what/ weight, exactly? I have been overweight most of my life, but until I came to terms with the causes of my weight gain I could not be happy with being me.

So fat girls—men who come on to you are not doing you a favor.

They are coming on to you because they either think you are sexy or they want something from you. Lots of men find fat women sexy, and you are always in the drivers seat. Why would she continue to be unhappy with her body to this extent?

One of my clients is a 22-year-old young woman who is about 100 pounds overweight according to the CDC. When I get out of the shower, I dry off as quickly as possible and I don't look at my body. How many fat women allow touch because they fear that they should feel grateful for the attention of any man—even if it is a man that they don't desire?

She has the face of a cherub, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. How are women who are completely detached from their physical selves able to communicate about their desires, and what feels good or doesn't feel good?

She's just making up dumb stuff right and left to manufacture as much male malfeasance as possible. Skeptic, Here is an entire website devoted to finding dates with plus size women and I could go on forever.... CID=gbp94146&gclid=CPTR1ef97qw CFc OP7Qodagjw VQ Best, Pamela What I find so interesting about your comments - is your resistance to the possibility that there are lots of men and women that find plus size women attractive and sexy! You don't need me to send you links - simple google it! s=free_db_search&aff_id=google&aff_tr=1&aff_pg=2&aff_cp=SC - BBW Romance&aff_adg=fat women (male)&aff_src=text&aff_kw=men who love fat women&gclid=CMPo7IC48Kw CFZJY7Aodjw89QA

There are magazines, porn, dating services, books, and websites. ovchn=GGL&ovcpn=English USA Obese Love Relationship&ovcrn=obese love&ovtac=PPC&E1&gclid=COLr4s W58Kw CFUm R7Qod F2hr Jg

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Anybody else ever heard of the "rule" that a woman is supposed to have touched herself before a man is allowed to?Her body is a shapely hour glass, but it is hard to find her shape as she buries it under clothing that is too big, hoping to hide her size. Is it because you stomach covers your genitals and it is hard to see? It's a tall order, and it makes fat women vulnerable to sexual harrassment—as many men feel that fat women will be grateful for their advances—in the same way that some fat women feel that they just can't say no.I am pushing her today about her relationship with her body. It is a set up for cruel practice known as "hogging"—where men go on the prowl looking for fat or unattractive women to prey on for sex."Just Google it." I did just Google it and I didn't find anything of significance.[u]lots[/u] Go to any dictionary and you will find the word "lot" being defined as "a large number or amount" I guess the question here is "Relative to what?

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