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My current issue is the same as the original post..ex created a profile literally the next day after we broke up and even angrily showed me as proof that he had the app active..a blow to my hurt because i was begging him to reconsider and not use it if he felt there was any chance left..said he was done...a few days later he started sending me old love songs of ours and it just made me feel more confused because it was like he was having his cake, and eating it too...I tried not to reply but when I eventually did, my anger came out commenting on how low he was to use that site..he has no respect etc...truthfully, I said it all in anger.all that did was make him feel more certain that I was "crazy" and he's glad we ended..ate in a cycle of saying goodbye, to sending a brief msg, to getting mad, n then not speaking...i know the obvious thing to do is ignore..I dont know whether we are doing that because we should still try....part of me feels so hurt like maybe he is only messaging because he isn't liking the girls online...He seemed so concerned with his needs not being met, yet previously he had told me I was the only person who's ever been able to meet his needs physically, mentally, and emotionally (when things were good anyway).My needs were not being met at that point either but I was still trying to make him happy and I overlooked a lot because I love him so much.I don't I originally wrote this post a couple of years ago.Here's an update and what I've learned in those two years.

But i knew it was complicating things so i told him we had to stop..we entered the no contact rule.

I had responded that that must not be true anymore or he would fix this with me. It will take time for him to sort his feelings out. It was a momentary lapse in judgement that lasted a matter of hours because I felt like I should be trying to move on since he is. It felt like I was trying to sort things out and it was too late in his mind. Anyway, should I drop off the letter I mentioned saying I'm sorry and that I still love him even though i recognize our relationship has passed and wish him the best? I have now not responded to him or contact him not for him but for me and Its better for me this way as mentally he was hurting me when we were in contact.

The last thing he said was just an angry response that affirming that what he said was true. I wish he still felt even a fraction of the love for me that I feel for him but I think the amount of fighting may have just killed it entirely. Or should I suggest maybe a future friendship when things settle a bit? It doesn't matter how long your profile is up there or to what extent you could have allowed. Maybe he will realise his behaviour and try to win me back..

The thing is, he used to tell me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, marry me, that I was his perfect match, the best he ever had, the best thing that ever happened to him, that he would always be there for me and never give up on me, and yet that's exactly what he did when things got bad, he gave up. I feel like a lot of the arguing was about little things that turned into big things.

Up until the very end he insisted that he still loved me and I said if he did he wouldn't be doing this and he would fix it with me. But why throw away something that could have been that amazing again? It wasn't an issue of core values or anything like that. I'm probably not thinking right and I don't know what the right answer is. Ok hon, I got half way down the page reading your second reply and realized something.

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