Kenny chesney and jessica simpson dating

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And here’s the latest: Tony dumped Jessica because she was flirting with country singer Kenny “I’m Not Bald, I Swear! Kenny Chesney is blasting a tabloid report that he and Jessica Simpson flirted in front of Tony Romo at a July 4 party just days before the couple’s breakup. After the party, everybody went their own way and nobody thought anything more about it. End of story.” The party was thrown by Chesney’s friend, Sean Payton, coach of pro football’s New Orleans Saints, Chesney says.

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But the fact of the matter is I talked to a bunch of guests, hung out, had a good time.” Simpson and Romo, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, split five days later on July 9 – the night before Simpson’s 29th birthday.

[From People] Well, Kenny, that’s awfully nice of you to set the record straight.

To me, they were one of the most boring D-List couples in Hollywood.

A washed-up pop-turned-country singer airhead and her dingbat jockstrap of a boyfriend. But since the breakup, numerous theories on what ended the relationship have surfaced: Tony was cheating on Jessica because she was needy, a drunk, or too fat. Tony was having an emotional affair with some other blond bimbo that he met at a Jessica Simpson show.

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