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This is a mature and age mature clan which expects appropriate behavior from all members.(7) No divisive behavior such as 'under the radar drama', recruiting for an existing or planned clan amongst our members, pot stirring, overt and excessive attention seeking behavior, or taking any action deemed by Deputies and Owner as undermining clan continuity and/or stability.(8) Participate in clan chat as much as is comfortable for you to do so.When participating in a dangerous activity you may leave cc.Please guest with us a few days to see if our chat is what you're looking for. Citadel plots are never locked and open to use as much as needed. Our policy is for clan Officer(s) to private message member to request an apology.Tier-7 citadel so all plots complete which give max xp. Any member continuing to use blatant profanity, vulgarity or obscenity will be dealt with under Disciplinary Rules below, which provide for immediate kicking when necessary.(3) No arguing, overt or covert drama, rants or bullying in clan chat.Warning means to correct behavior immediately or be prepared to be kicked without any further communication from any FS Officer.(D) Special Circumstances Emergency Kicking:1.This provision is used to immediately remove disruptive member(s) who can not be brought under control by normal means of pm dialog, or member whose actions are clearly not in the best interest of Fealty Stars clan as a whole.Clan Core Stats Rules Fealty Stars is a premier 5 year old social clan.Vast majority of our members have played the game for years so generously share information.

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When an issue (disagreement, etc.) has arisen between 2 or more members but which subsequently gets resolved to satisfaction of those members, the incident 'goes away' completely and needs no further intervention by Officers. Administrators are granted permission to remove any guests from clan chat who troll or fit within any category which is disruptive to cc. Kicked guests will be put on ban list to prevent further disruption.(11) Rules Governing All Forms Of Communication (A) Clan Chat: (1) All clan rules apply in Clan Chat to ensure clan members a smooth-flowing, drama- and argument-free place for conversation.Average member age is 35 with many older adults in their 40's-70's which provides a very pleasant atmosphere for our many guests. Thank you for considering Fealty Stars Shamantha444 Founding Owner Fealty Stars clan chat has established itself as one of the most pleasant and desirable clan chats in Rune Scape for good reason .. please try to express yourself with a better choice of words.We have no age or level restrictions nor xp output requirements but do expect mature behavior. If you do have a slip-up please make a small apology to cc which effectively makes it 'go away'.Agree to disagree and drop the subject, or take the matter to private or friends chat.Politics, Religion, Race, Drugs, Lifestyle and 'Dating' should be moved to private or friends chat.

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