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They’d rather make their own regulations.” “They can regulate however they like, so long as they’re not being cruel to animals.” Seeing his mulish expression, Jelena kept herself from launching into one of her rants.

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“That doesn’t look like the sprawling industrial city of Gizmoshi.” “It’s not.” Jelena took a deep breath, bracing herself to explain this side mission she had planned. ” “That’s right.” Jelena glanced at the big view screen that stretched across the front of Nav Com, making sure there weren’t any terrain features coming up that she would need to pilot them around. “I’ve decided that we’ll stop before reaching Gizmoshi.

At twenty-four, Erick was almost six years older than she, and even though she was the acting captain of their freighter, he had seniority in her family’s business, and as the engineer, he could find a way to stop this “mission” before it ever started. Even though she’d often talked Erick into adventures when they’d been kids on her parents’ freighter, ever since he returned from college, he’d been less likely to go along with her whims. Alas, the bluish gray surface of the moon remained relatively flat, aside from all the craters left by asteroids, so there was no excuse not to look Erick in the eye . For another pickup.” She’d wanted to drop off their cargo this side trip, but it was the middle of the night for the city’s inhabitants, and nobody at the warehouse had answered the comm when she tried.

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