Post dating of patent application in usa

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The centrifugal pump met that specification but it had never been developed to operate against high discharge heads.

Arutunoff therefore successfully undertook to design a centrifugal pump, small in diameter and with a multiplicity of stages to achieve high discharge pressure.

But how will the big companies react to margin compression should there be a downturn? Please continue to email your input, questions and comments. Background : Armais Arutunoff was born June 21, 1893 in Tiflis, Georgia - a town with a rich history dating back to the 5th Century, located in the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian and Black Sea.

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The limitation imposed by available casing sizes made it necessary that the motor be relatively small in diameter.

The recent trend has been a growing amount of new entry esp suppliers.

Technology is increasingly being transferred to small esp start ups, and regional service providers - apart from the big names like Schlumberger and Baker Hughes.

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