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In other words, you have to give money to the church to be granted wealth from God.

The Whites’ lavish spending caught the attention of the IRS in 2004, and later a U. senator, who, in 2007, launched a congressional investigation into the financial dealings of six churches led by televangelists, including Without Walls.

Although she took over as pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Paula White still preaches at Without Walls International Church in Tampa, which she co-founded in 1991. Tampa Tribune The new preacher is working hard this Sunday morning to mend and reinvigorate the shattered congregation of New Destiny Christian Center, once the most dynamic and fastest-growing African-American megachurch in Central Florida, if not the country.

Brandishing her large, softbound Bible with gilt-page edges, Paula White, dressed in a black ensemble with a button- down top, sleeves to the elbow and black stiletto heels that appear to be in the four-inch range, is practically a blur as she swoops, kneels, bounces, pivots, spins, shouts, falls to her knees, points to the sky, shakes her fist, snaps her fingers and pounds the podium.

Two months after a DUI arrest in 2009, Randy, then 51, stepped down from the pulpit, citing health concerns.

Paula took over as the congregation’s sole senior pastor.

“She has absolutely no respect among the leadership of the Pentecostal movement,” says a longtime observer of White’s career, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

“But she’s made of rubber—she crashes and she just bounces back.” Ironically, White agrees with that last assessment, telling a Pastors and Leadership Conference in Orlando on March 31, 2011, “I got my bounce back.

White, like Jakes and the late Tims, is a strong proponent of the controversial prosperity gospel, theology that advocates that the more money worshippers put into the church or ministry, the greater their return.Last August, Without Walls’ financial troubles resurfaced when the 10,000-seat Lakeland site suddenly closed after its electric service had been discontinued for lack of payment.Paula White, through a public relations firm, declined to be interviewed for this article.The separate probes into organizational finances and possible personal misuse of donations ended in 2011 without any charges or conclusions against the Whites and their church.Still, Without Walls, which had added a satellite church in Lakeland, fell deeply into debt.

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