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Her clothes reveal a careful sense of style, subdued yet fashionable, cautiously au courant.

Whether it’s fashion, children, interior decor, money, or conversation, Ann always knows the difference between discreet good taste and vulgar excess.

Bought five years ago for ,000, the house is now worth at least 0,000.

Ann is 34, recently divorced, the mother of Tommy, 9, a fourth-grader at John Armstrong Elementary School, and Shana, 15, a freshman at Highland Park High School.

At that point the individual exited his truck and began firing at the deputy who announced to the person that he was a deputy and the deputy returned fire striking the male who then got in the truck and went back to the house.

The deputy, Michael Hockett, was struck by gunfire and was able to retreat to his vehicle and call for further assistance and was transported to West Georgia Medical Center where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries and released a short time later.

Green in an unprovoked, unnecessary attack," Smith said.

It was a sylvan, bucol­ic scene reminiscent of Wordsworth’s English Lake District, but it existed right in the middle of the state’s second-largest urban area.

Ann has a tweedy, cared-for look com­mon to women in affluent suburbs.

Her hair is a sun-streaked blonde, and she often ties it back on her neck with a rib­bon.

As Ann began her run, carry­ing a cloth napkin to wipe away the sweat, the morning silence was interrupted only by the hum of air conditioning units dispensing com­fort and cold air and by the periodic roar of jet aircraft overhead.

Ann lives near Normandy Street, between the Dallas Country Club and the Arch Mc Culloch Middle School, in a house neither man­sion nor bungalow—two stories, four bedrooms, den, swimming pool.

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