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Kind of our saying at Duke was “Fight,” so a fighter. Maybe you get a hard foul or a cheap shot or your opponent’s talking trash or … You don’t want to be angry all the time ’cause then your body’s tense, and you’re not playing relaxed, but there’s certain times where it’s OK to play angry and it kinda elevates your game. A: I’ve always kind of enjoyed the road games more than the home games. My ability to complement a lot of his skills and play off him. A lot about just the transition from going to college to immediately these NBA teams want you to produce, and so how are you gonna handle that, and what effect you can have. Q: He didn’t grab you around the shoulder and say, “PLEASE HELP ME? Always something to do, which is a good thing, but can also be a bad thing. It was difficult at times, get out of the spotlight, but I think as I’ve kinda branded myself on my own, that I’ve become not Ricky Winslow’s son but just Justise, Justise Winslow. I grew up with my mom, spent a lot more time with her, but my relationship with my dad is fine, coaching me in high school, traveling to some high-school tournaments and things like that, working out with him before school. Q: Best piece of basketball advice he ever gave you. Enjoy every moment, ’cause you never know when it could be taken away, or it’ll come to an end.

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In a way, I hate losing more than I like winning, and so I’ll say that’s the thing that kinda motivates me. They just know when to attack the prey, they get the job done very quickly and smoothly. It’s satisfying to be compared to guys like that that are great players and you do similar things as them on the court, but at the same time, I just try to be myself and be the competitor that I am and not really try to be like anyone else. But you can do everything in your power really to try to defend him whether it’s fouling or just figuring a way to prevent him from scoring, and so that’s something that I had to learn from a young age is I may not be able to score on my siblings but I can definitely do my best to play defense, and try to stop him from scoring, so that’s probably where that comes from. Q: How long did you talk about the triangle offense? Watched some film on it, on the court in the workout did some stuff through the triangle. I feel like just with my game and everything I could do, I could fit in virtually any offense, any team, any players, any coach. A: Melo’s a great player — All-Star, Olympic gold medalist, pretty much has done everything other than win an NBA championship. J; Jerome Bettis; Keyshawn Johnson; Kellen Winslow when he was at Miami; Sean Taylor: Clinton Portis, Willis Mc Gahee, Frank Gore — unbelievable backfield they (Miami) had. That one, or the Utah game this year (in the NCAA Tournament) when I was back home (Houston) in front of all my family, all my friends, that was a good, fun game. A: They came in with these suits and ties, and all professional, and sat on the couch, they had like a little i Pad and we went through a slide show. Making sure he’d come back (smile) Q: And he did come back? Still humble, still hungry, still just as focused, prepares just as well every day, and really just enjoys coming to work and still has that passion that he had in his first coaching days at Army it seems like. And so I watched this one thing on my man Teddy, and the teddy bear and all that stuff. Q: What kind of a burden was it being Ricky Winslow’s son growing up, and what is your relationship with him now?

Q: As a kid you used to cry after some losses, didn’t you? Probably one of my earliest basketball memories was third grade before I started playing AAU. And even more than that, I think I’m driven to be the best. They just have those natural instincts to help ’em survive. It was important I guess for them to see how I could understand it and play within it. He’s won at the collegiate level, and I think he wants now more than ever to win at the NBA level. I always enjoy seeing athletes away from the court, getting to see them — Carmelo specifically — just as a dad, as a father. But I remember my mom got ’em these cupcakes from Sprinkles, and he absolutely loved ’em. He was only supposed to have one, but he like took the whole box back with him to Durham. He was kinda dope, just riding around a horse telling people what to do. A: As far as a burden, it wasn’t really anything harsh or anything negative, it was just trying to create your own name, a name for yourself, and kinda get out of the spotlight. A: Possibly a shower routine, possibly a pregame routine (smile).

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