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Or maybe he even starts to think that there is a link between gay men and sexual abuse because, after all, the Marketplace had to have made that association for some reason.If the objective, rational algorithm made the link, there has to be some truth to the link, right?He has told no one else that he's attracted to guys and hasn't entirely come out to himself yet.His family, friends and co-workers have suggested to him -- either explicitly or subtly -- that they're either homophobic at worst, or grudgingly tolerant at best.Finally, are terms the application creators themselves use to describe their programs considered similar through some automatic keyword matching algorithm?

To be fair, Apple has had its own struggles deciding what kinds of apps to sell: for a while it rejected a cartoon app created by Pulitzer Prize-winning Mark Fiore because it "ridiculed public figures"; and it recently deleted an app designed by a religious group to "cure" gay people.The last question -- what harm are such associations doing -- is more complicated to answer.Associations like those listed in the Android Marketplace (or Apple's Genius system, Amazon's recommendation engine or Bing's search suggestions) can be starting points for good conversation or chilling silencers of individual expression and community identity.The problem of deciding what to sell through the app store is not new.But we're far from fully understanding the ethical obligations that Apple, Google and others have when their platforms act as de facto regulators of free speech.

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