Trauma after dating girl with bpd

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You're constantly replaying each moment of this relationship in your mind, to comprehend You might think of her like a drug you cant live without, because you've felt alive and buoyant when she was attentive, available and loving, and tortured and empty when she was indifferent, detached or cruel.

A Borderline will often line up her next romance while she's still involved with You.

Certain aspects or common denominators are present in males who attach to Borderlines.

Generally, these are People Pleaser types, who have rescuing or fixing compulsions, self-esteem difficulties from childhood, intimacy issues, engulfment concerns, poor self-image, dysthymia (chronic/long-standing mild to moderate depression), etc.

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You've believed you were the center of her universe, and it was finally safe to let your guard down, and trust that she was here to stay.

Without highly skilled therapeutic intervention, she just can't stop herself.

problems, such as; desperate attempts to gain attention, intense/irrational abandonment fears, lack of empathy, extreme jealousy, lying, poor impulse control, extramarital affairs, drug/alcohol abuse, hypersexuality, 'crazy-making' interactions, low self-esteem, rebound relationships, passive-aggression, cognitive distortion, self-harming behaviors, eating disorders, suicidal ideation, stalking, etc.

In truth, a panoply of pathologies may be associated with borderline disorder, and You might have perceived a bit of 'craziness' early on, when she'd become disproportionately volatile about minor events that were troublesome to her.

When she shared stories about (vilified) former boyfriends or lovers, you felt honored to be privy to these intimate revelations, while assuring yourself it would be stages of this relationship (the Honeymoon), you felt hopelessly captivated, and intrigued with her intensity.

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