Updating safari browser

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The 'security" holes are only an issue if you are careless (pardon me, read STUPID) enough to not use a good firewall and control scripts.

The fact that Apple has (had) an application free of Nanny'isms (google and Firefox have over 100 defects each now that they refuse to address) is remarkable enough that I use it a LOT.

I used Firefox until it got bugged with the babylon-search worm and I had to spring-clean my computer.

I still use Safari 5.1.7 - it works well and, as a miracle, contains very few defects (features without off-switches) or bugs (code errors).

While the number of PC Perspective readers running Safari for Windows is likely extremely small, I would advise that you be on the lookout next time you are doing tech support for your friends and relatives, and if they managed to get roped into using Safari thanks to Apple’s Itunes software updater convince them to move to a (dare I say better) more secure browser like Google’s Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

At least those are still getting updates, and some are even automatically done in the background. I've used Safari on Windows, but only for testing website designs.

The issue is that the final version that Windows users are stuck with–version 5.1.7–has a number of documented security vulnerabilities that are never going to get patched by Apple.

According to Maximum PC, there are at least 121 known security holes listed in Apple’s own documentation.

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