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And, you’re going to be on blood thinners now.” I was tunneling out of the conversation as the projection of my future played out in my mind. My doctor and I would have this conversation a minimum of six or seven more times because I couldn’t comprehend at that time why or how I would need that much recovery, what it felt like to be recovering at all and, as I would later find out, I was struggling with cognitive and memory delays that would alter my state of thinking and later contribute to my inability to successfully do the work I needed to for my job.It was about a week later, and I was feeling bad, beyond what I understood to be tired (I mean, truly feeling fatigue throughout every inch of my body), carting an oxygen tank and convinced my summer was ruined since flip-flops (my warm-weather footwear of choice) could not be worn with my flesh-colored compression stockings.He asked how I was doing and said, “It’s good to have you with us!About the same time, I felt a rush of blood down my legs (the first time of many unfortunately over the next year) and I burst into tears. In fact, I stayed home for the next month, except for appointments.My reason for sharing this day with you is two-fold.

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